Compétitions Rules ROUGEMONT

1. Slow play :

Every flight being one hole behind MUST let the following flight pass.
In Stroke Play, every flight being 2 holes behind will receive a penalty of 2 strokes (per team). In Match Play, the Marshal can force the flight to jump one or several holes ahead (square) to catch up to the preceding flight.

2. Mobile phone:

It is forbidden to use a mobile phone. If a player inadvertently gets a phone call, there is no penalty but he must turn it off immediately. In case of recidivism, the player gets disqualified.

3. Discontinuance of play:

In case of discontinuance because of a storm, the players must immediately stop playing or practicing and will only resume said activity when the committee gives the signal. Discontinuance of play: series of short siren blasts, resumption of play: one long siren blast


Ball placement:

When the placement of the ball is authorized, every ball lying on a closely-mown area of the course may be lifted and cleaned, without penalty. The position of the ball must be marked before it is lifted. It will be placed within a distance of one scorecard, where it is not closer to the hole, in a hazard or on a green.
The player can only place the ball once. If, once placed, the ball moves, there is no penalty but the ball must be played where it lies. If, before playing the ball, the player doesn’t mark it or if he/she makes it roll with a club, he receives a one-stroke penalty.

Winter rules:

When the sports committee authorizes it, the following elements apply:
Dead leaves: piles of dead leaves are considered ground under repair. If there is compelling evidence that a ball got lost there, rule 25-1c applies (ball lost in a ground under repair).
On the course, every ball embedded in its own pitch-mark in another ground than sand, may be lifted, without penalty, cleaned and dropped as near as possible to where it lay but not closer to the hole.

Penalty for an infraction to injunctions: disqualification